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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Valentine day ❤

Finally my valentine post is up, almost one month late. Sorry readers for the not-so-efficient me. And I just realized one thing, if I can make up to 4k to 7k view rate per day then I can earn 4k per month. Wow~ So attractive to me. I will work hard for sure, at least I give a try. =)

On the valentine days, my baby boy bring me to one of his favourate western restaurant in Penang, Mizi Bistro at New World Park Jalan Burma. The mushroom soup they serve there taste almost same as Marchie at The Curve, but the price is half of Marchie, attractive huh?

Outfit of the day.

This melts me. Super nice. @.@

My Chicken Breast with some don't know what spaghetti beside and unknown source. Sorry cause I really can't remember the name after one month like now.

Baby boy's Chicken Maryland. They serve huge portion until the big eater baby boy also can't finish this. Can imagine how big it is.

He is proud because he found the nice mushroom soup that makes me happy. =)

Continue scroll please....

Then after that we head to Gurney to grab hot chocolate and of course also walk walk a while. Because I'm on red that day, suffering. =(

The fluffy face.

Baby boy also try.

End of the day. Quite boring valentine day actually, but I'm happy.
Thanks bii.

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