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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

TIAMO in ♥

Its me!! I'm back with a happy mood. Yesterday dyed my hair myself using Liese bubble hair dye. It's not my first time thought, but is my first time to choose colour with red background. Quite nice outcome too. Will show ya all next time. But now problem pops out, I need to hunt for reddish eyebrow pencil and eyebrow kit cause brown eyebrow doesn't suit red hair. It will become like eye is eye, hair is hair, separate!!! wtf.

So the purpose of this post is to show off, I got myself a new shoes. x) Not need to guess what brand I bought, just scroll down and u will know.

Here u go. My little oxford look flat shoes come in milky yellow. Superb like it. They somemore provide a handle on their shoes box so that plastic bag will not needed. Superb good to the environment as maybe 2012 is going to reach. Blar x)

Close up look.

Fyi, I bought in sunway pyramid which next to Padini outlet. Can go there have a look, they got a lot nice flat shoes.

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