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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Midvalley, The Gardens.

I has an irresponsible lecturer. He is totally a sucker. U know why? The assignment that due on Friday but he today, Wednesday only announce to the public and tell us this assignment is very easy. wtf. So means we only have two days to finish up this stupid assignment as in we won't have any others thing to do. He assume the whole world is waiting him to announce his work? wtf. Damn down now. But actually the assignment I already done half of it, luckily I start everything early.

So back to topic, here is the short Midvalley tour. The purpose we going Midvalley is because my bii wants to find his glassy white perspex for his pc thingy. So we decided to go Midvalley to have some walk.

Outfit of the day.

Top - Zara
Pant - Sungei Wang cheap cheap pant
Bag - Fred Perry *Opps.. Not in picture. x)

Me!!! With a little swollen lips because of the stupid ulcer.

I don't know why, maybe because of my swollen lips, it makes me look weird in every pictures I take. And I think this is a virus that will influence my friends because they look weird too. x) Prove!

Weirdo so love is added.

My turn become weird. -____-
Forget to mention, these are my babes. =)

The Gardens!!!

Here is some random picture from Art Friends.


#2 If I'm an art student, here may be my heaven.

#3 Here is kiddo's heaven.

#4 Somemore eraser also looks so tasty.


Again, my bii and I went to test Sony Nex 5. He is thinking to buy or not to? I think he need a coin to help him to choose. x)

The 3D thingy attract us again.

Lastly, Tiamo attracted me. I want the shoe so much. Can I can I can I?
See!! Nice right?

I'm still thinking. Let me think 2 more days, then I will decide on weekends. Should I? Can I?

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