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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lens around Sunway.

Uni has starts for 2 weeks, my holiday truly end now. Because starts from week 2, a lot of assignments, reports, field trip, presentation will be coming. Damn... So scary when I think of these. I'm going to die because of stress before all these things come, may I have a grand funeral? Stop crapping, back to topic. Purpose of this post is to introduce readers an awesome service I found here Sunway.

Black & White version

Normal version
Fyi, I'm wearing Chuckei Nudy Sweet Series 16mm, Grey

Chinkie Candy is a seller I found where she selling contact lens near sunway, taylor lake side area. She provide the best service I never experience before. What u need to do is just view the catalog inside their facebook web page then once u decide which lens u want to buy, just give her a call then she will deal with u about the time and place to take lens. The reason I strongly recommend Chinkie Candy is because she provide COD which means u no need to bank in the amount to her and wait until u die the lens also haven reach. In another way means u just have to meet her and pay her cash. That's all. Easy right?

My experience, I order 2 pairs of lens and called her, she can give me the lens right after I called her. She is a GOD. So right after 3 hours, I get my lens and I can wear it to have nice time with my babes shopping around Sungei Wang.

Facebook : Chinkie Candy *Just click on the word will do. =)
Contact number : 012-2589416
Name : Tay Yuh Chiaen

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