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Friday, March 25, 2011

♥ in Kinokuniya

Last few days went to Kinokuniya with my baby boy to search for bag. Because I think I should buy one more bag so that I can switch bag for schooling purpose. The main purpose is just to buy one bag who knows end up we spend few hundreds there. >.<

On the way to KLCC, of course camwhore is a must.

That day's outfit.
Top - Topshop
Pants - Cotton On
Bag - Zara
Necklace - Dior

My snoopy bag. Mad love it.

My baby boy found a bonny shape iphone case for his iphone4. Btw, the screen protector is sticked by me!!! See how genius I am. *proud

I found a ninja to accompany my blueberry so that she won't bored until commit suicide. Awww!! Please don't leave me. *slap face

Then we was thinking to walk into Miu Miu to have a look for wallet. Because baby boy was thinking to buy wallet for his mum as birthday present. But we don't have the guts so we just went home. *shame mar... All rich people inside ler...

So otw home, we stuck in the traffic because it's raining outside. We spotted the top part of KLCC is half covered by the mist. Just imagine in KL city, there is an existent of MIST! wtf. *sorry for no picture because it is way too rush to capture as I'm busy helping baby boy looking at the traffic.

Some random picture. Because I'm bored in the car so I start to play with macro function of my camera and even asking baby boy to act stupid.

Seeee!! He is damn cute lar...

Lastly of course....

Me again. =)

Till then.
Gona rush my report for freedom to falls on me.. x)

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