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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

German Food, Tanjung Bungah

Yesterday was my first day of uni after the three months long holiday. The first class was 8am so i sacrificed my sleeping and drag my not-so-energetic body to attend the first class. Who knows, the lecturer didn't come as there are some problem between the timetable given by the uni. Shit to the max. There goes my first day uni, everything is ruined by the not-so-good mood. wtf.

End of my complainant. Back to the topic. The German Day.

During the cny, I followed my uncle to the famous Germany cuisine restaurant, Ingolf's Kneipe located near Penang Tanjung Bungah. It was my second time to have dinner at there. Fyi, if u want to go there, u must book first because they always full and sometimes even full for the whole week.

So, here comes the food. Please be sure that u are not hungry while reading until here. Because the picture will make u go mad.

The Pork Knuckle we reserved. Fyi, Pork Knuckle = Pork's leg

The Grill Chicken with some mix vege.

Grill Salmon.

For the one who is small eater, just go for their main course because their food is served in a very big portion food. The mushroom soup is recommended for small eater too.

Then after that, my uncle decided to chilled at Kek Lok Si as that day is the seventh day of cny means is 人日, can be explain as everyone's birthday on that day.

This is far view from the bottom part of the mountain. Nice right? Penang Kek Lok Shi will have the most beautiful light show during every year's cny. This is the most special part of Kek Lok Shi which attract a lot tourist.

The huge Guan Ying they builded. Just to show off this picture because it is taken by my awesome camera. =)

Another awesome one. The lanterns.

Ending with the group photo.

Done. =)

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