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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This post will be kind of random due to my sudden-flash-back-memory-emo mood. Today I have a relax afternoon and boring too, because don't know what happen to my facebook, it shows account temporarily unavailable, so I can't stalk people, I can't play facebook mini game keep on viewing nuffnang status. And in the end realized that I have abandoned my blog for almost 3 days, so here I am, updating some random post.

Viewed back 2009 to 2010 post, I realized how innocent I am 2 years back. Realized that I've go through so many in these 2 years in terms of friendships, relationships and family issue. A sudden feel like I'm aging. I can't deny that, uni life makes me grow stronger and stronger each seconds till years. 2 years back, I will complain my baby boy not caring me, I argued with my parents, I have a conflict with my friend in my blog. But now everything seems normal for me, I starts to understand I should appreciate what I have in my life but not keep on complaining.

Hardwork is the only way to success and we shouldn't stop our step just because of little falling.

This is what I said back in 2009, but I'm sure the mental thinking in 2009 is different with now, 2011. I'm going to step into another level of my life, no more teenagers' attitude.

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