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Saturday, March 12, 2011

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Darn!! I got 3 ulcer inside my mouth NOW, like NOW. It so F pain. Random post here actually cause I also don't know what should I write about, visitor is keep on dropping. :'(

My mind is keep on asking me to study and do reports but I just can't listen. Can't. I'm giving myself 3 reasons, first is my ulcer is very pain so it affect my mood ; second is my left eye is start to feels weird like paining for no reason. Damn it ; third is I think today I walking under the rain for like 4 to 5 times and now I feel sick, so report put away please~

Just now was viewing Japan earthquake and tsunami video. It makes me feel I'm so tiny now. Human is just don't know what thing in the earth but still thought they are the biggest one, so maybe the earth is angry and start to punish us? Stupid! But really make me worry about my parents which far in Sabah, as there is some news that tsunami may hit Sabah? So dad, if anything happen please drag mum and climb as tall as u can ok? Touch wood! Nothing will happen eventually!!!! Damn me. I think I'm going crazy very soon. -____-

So the last one. No more crapping nonsense and back to work. Bubye world, and visitor please climb higher please~ I need mannieeee..

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