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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

02032011 Thoughts

Whats going on to my stomach? These few days keep on pain for no reason. wtf. I think I should start considering the food I eat around here. If not I'll die soon. Back to topic, this will be the heart-to-heart talking post that I didn't write long long time ago. I got so many things to tell but don't know to start from which one.

Ok, let's talk about my uni life. First week going to end and continued the second, third, fourth and so on. *crap -____- Realized that this sem I got a not-so-tide timetable as I can rest at home more and hang out with friends more. Its a happy fact for me. =)

Wherever there is a new sem starts, there sure will have changes between people, I think I don't have to mention much here as if I accidentally offended others then will not be good. But anyway, changes is good, means people still will find their best way of living to survive, cannot totally conclude as a bad things. =)

The most different of this sem is I have to study alone without my babe besides me. I learned to be more concentrate in the lectures, I realized that how much fun I have in the last sem where my babes is around chit chatting with me. But what to do, everything is settled and I have to face the truth.

Another new sem and new year as in I'm final year student. Keep it up everyone and good luck for everything. Soon and after we will graduate and work then marry then have babies then become old and then die. Hahaha.. *What a stupid ending

Valentines day is coming up next. ^^

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