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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

World Vision *+*

A few months ago, I saw World Vision's advertisement on Astro when I was back in Sabah. I decided to try sponsor a kid since only RM50 per month. After getting my parent permission, I survey the website of World Vision and I realized this is a meaningful activity. By every RM50 sponsor, we can provide a shelter, food and even education for a kid. So I decided, and I filled in the form online then fax the credit card detail to World Vision company.

Yesterday, when I check my mailbox. I found out this.

Mamaila, Enough is under my sponsor now. She is from Thusalushaka, South Africa. She now only 3 years old and she is from a single-parent family. Look at her eye, she needs help.

So readers, if u have extra money and have no where to spend it, don't take it to buy something useless, why not take the money and sponsor a kid. There are so many kid out there need our help. I read from World Vision's news, even a taxi uncle and the aunty washing toilet can sponsor a kid, why not u? Do something good, makes u feel happy everyday. =)

For more information, click World Vision.

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