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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Terengganu, Cherating Beach, Part 2

Few days more then I will be back to Sunway because my school is starting soon. How sad it is? Three months holiday going to end soon and the tough year 3 is going to start torture me. Anyway, new year new starts. This year going to be a different year tho. Back to topic.

So here we reach terengganu and we straightly heading to Cherating. I was so excited since the starting of this trip until we saw the black cloud is everywhere on the sky. Shit!! My beach party is ruined. *until that time we still don't know heavy rain and flood is coming.

See!! The coconut trees are all bended. So you can imagine how strong the wind is.

If a surfers saw these type of wave, they surely will jump into the sea happily. But I'm not a surfers, I'm a beach party fella. Sad, no beach.

This is my room. Suppose to be an awesome sea view but in the end become a raining-sea+rough-wave -view. What to do, we can't predict that much tho. But anyway, the hotel is nice. Monkey everywhere, hahaha, they even dare to come into the restaurant to steal the coffee mug. XD

Then we heading to the Cherating Turtle Sanctuary to see sea turtle.

The little cutie. OMGBBQWTH, sooo cute.

Spotted it. They even can let their hand on their shell and rest. XD

Then the big one + the small one.

Random one. I'm trying to touch the big sea turtle, so I used all my drinking milk energy to push myself front but I still fail. Hah~ Joking of course. What if I fall into the pool then who going to save me. Damn stupid.

So the next morning, I don't want to give up the nice beach so I decided to go to the beach and have a look whether the weather has turn better.

My cutie daddy. He keep on telling me Tsunami is coming, Tsunami is coming. Sad to say is the wave is still rough, the sky is still dark, but the sand is undeniably awesome.

Last one, the beautiful beach. I wish I could visit u next time when a sunny sky, peaceful wave. Good bye Cherating Beach.

Sorry because I keep on complaining. =)

Up next, Melaka food heaven.

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