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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Strait Quay

Here comes the long queued post and here you go, the Strait Quay. I think few people will know this shopping mall because it is silently and mysteriously opened. Haha..

So after I came back from Sabah, finally I got a chance to pay a visit there. It is full off cny's atmosphere there.

With British-style decoration combining with cny's lantern comes out an awesome feels.

A lighthouse is build surrounding with the man-made pool. Starbuck and all sort of coffee house is beside the sidewalk. It feels good by ordering a double shot espresso and sitting alone there reading your favourate magazine. Crap too much. =)

Ok, camera time. When everyone reach there will start to act emo because of the environment is so artistic.




And the two little fella start shouting, shoot me shoot me!!!





Even an artistic road signs is a cannot-miss-out picture.

Special one.

#snow one

#the love one

Random one.
#me checked

#xin checked

The last one. With my boy.

For more exact location and information about it, check out their official website, Strait Quay. Facebook available too, Strait Quay.

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