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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Port Dickson & Sepang Gold Coast, Part 4

Tomorrow my uni life going to start AGAIN. Feel so sad because I can't have midnight show anymore, I can't stay up late and can't wake up late anymore. *except weekends Do u realized all I care about is only sleep. I am a person who is important in sleep, I can don't want to eat but cannot sacrificed any chances to sleep. Haha.. Sounds like I'm a pig. But I don't mind to become a cute pig. =)

This post will be my late post for my trip. So finally readers u all can finish reading I crapping my family trip and read others nicer topic. So please finish read this then will have firework flying over the sky. Crap. Ok, back to the topic.

After Melaka, we heading to Port Dickson. The hotel we stay is Avillion admiral cove Apartment. They have a nice view from their lobby.

Spotted the big boat? It's my husband one. I can travel over the world for free and spending my time on the top of the boat with a champagne and tanning myself and in the end I will become a rich people's wife with a super duper dark skin. *stop dreaming!!!

Then we go to the famous Port Dickson Private Beach just a walkable distance from our apartment. I heard from a lot people, Port Dickson's beach is polluted and very dirty, advised us don't go. But it is not, totally crap. Pictures prove everything.

See the beach. The sand is soooo clean and the sea water is clear too. Not such thing in dirty sea water and black beach. Rumors shuy shuy!!

Nice curve.

Some more got clam under the sand.

See my mum and aunt is sooo happy because of the little cutie clam under the sand. I think they want to cook it with dry chili but phail because we didn't bring cooker here. So end up we released them back to the lovely sea. Haha.. See how kind we are.

Spotted the oil drilling site far far away the rainbow, sorry is sea. =)

Nice sun set we have over there. I start to miss the environment.

They even have a Art Space in their apartment. Nice one.

Then the next day we went to Sepang Gold Coast Beach while on the way back to Penang.

I think this one is nice for night but bad idea for morning and afternoon. The pillow on it is damn hot. Then the stupid me is jumping on to it when firstly saw this. And my stupid leg turn all red because it is burnt. -_____-

Spot me? The ppl with stupid one eye also can see me. Hahaha... Crap. Just walk walk around there and off we go, back to penang.

Finally trip post end. Thanks readers for wasting your precious time reading my blog. =)

Till then.

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