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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Minimaos' Necklace ♥

Sorry for the long late post. Here comes the Minimaos one. =)

Now they having promotion for ordering couple ring for only RM270 (normal price is RM296). While for all others item will off RM8. Hurry up order by emailing them. They provide best services ever.

When I made me order, they promised to send my item around end of January. And its true, I received my necklace at the end of January.

Here is the pictures. =)

Avoid my rough hand, focus on the necklace please. =)

I'm an angel. ^_^

For more information, here is their facebook Minimaos and official website Minimaos.


shuhong said...

Great photographic skills ^^ sharp enough ^^

g3r11 said...

Shuhong: Thanks my boy. Love.