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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Melaka, Part 3

My baby boy starts to act emo this few days because we are going back to sunway and school is starting next monday. When that time, we will start to miss penang's food, my little fluffy and my lovely bolster.

Ok, back to the topic. when tourist come to Melaka, they surely can't miss out the Gula Melaka and the famous reddy building. So here we go, we totally can't miss out this nice nyonya food.

The nyonya style asam laksa.

The famous cendul. See the Gula Melaka. @.@

The nyonya style curry mee.

Shit. I starts to feel hungry again. O..My.. Cendul!!!

Spotted the green hair tourist. He is damn cool.

The very nyonya style decoration's restaurant.

All this nyonya style houses can be found in Jonker Street. Come and pay a visit, then you will found out Melaka is way more interesting than u thought.

Guess what is this? Its an elephant and a dragon. Crap!! I think you guys won't ever get the correct answer. Because this is a public toilet. Spotted the far end, that's the toilet. Even outside the toilet, the nyonya fella will decorate become so nice. wtf.

Totally can't miss out the red building.

The Christ Church Melaka. I'm just repeating the word on the building. wtf.

Another awesome picture by my awesome camera. =)

The long red staircase.

Then we heading to Jonker Street.

The unknown building in front of Jonker Street.

Our only sunny day in our trip is when we at Kelantan, Melaka and Port Dickson. So I think Melaka and Port Dickson deserved much longer post than other places. Sorry still this post is kinda short because I just stay at Melaka for 3 hours. It is kind of genius as if we can eat through and walk through all the famous stuff in Melaka in 3 hours time. Superb me..

I'm done here. Till then.

Up next, Port Dickson and Gold Coast Sepang. It's a beachy post. =)

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