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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kelantan, Kota Bahru, Part 1

These few days I'm so lazy to update here. But when I saw the viewing rate is getting lower and lower day by day, then I have to push myself out off the dream world. So here I am, will keep these up.

So, first day of my trip, we head to kelantan by taking Grik highway. After like 4 hours, we reach Kota Bahru, the city of Kelantan. By using my GPS the-genius-one, we found the top ten chicken rice in Kota Bahru, Restaurant Ann Lok.

The first lunch of my day. =) Not bad actually. We don't aspect much in Kelantan because it is known as a Muslim state so there much be less chinese food around. So as long as we found one chinese food there, it was like sawing God coming down from heaven. Joking XD

A random one. I'm wearing my new shoes that day. Very suitable to the trip because we are handing around the beach in every place we go. =)

By following the-genius-one, it bring us to the longest Buddha's temple.

See!! I have to walk like 5 minutes from its head to its leg. Sooo big!!! But sad to say is, there is no proper maintenance so the floor is not that clean and the colour of the picture on the wall are all fade due to exposing to long to the sunlight. =(

These is the rest small Buddha surrounding the big one.

This is the awesome one. Realize any different? I'm using vintage mode so it has vintage-awesome-effect. *Nonsense

This is the clean one because it is located inside a building. I think the Buddha's body is stick with gold so they put it inside the building to avoid theft. =)

Then we went to Pantai Cahaya Bulan, according to my aunt, it used to be the most beautiful beach in kelantan. The white sand, the clear sea water, and nice wind. But but but.... When we reach there, we saw this..

A rough wave, muddy sea water and brown sand I think. We just wondering what happen to this beach. *because we don't know there going to have flood and terrible raining which happens before cny and just few days after we left there.

The wind is soo big until I think the surfers will be very happy to saw these wave. I stand until the edge of the beach to take picture then suddenly a huge wave come, then I'm wet from my tees to my pants. -____-"

Spotted! The aunty and the girl behind me are all running back to their car. Run for life!!! Joking of course XD

Then we off to out dinner, the-genius brought us to the malay store near by called Yati Ayam Percik 2. A satisfied dinner we had.

Chicken mixed with peanut source. Sweet and salty taste. Not bad huh?

At last, I'm back in hotel and the end of my day.

Lastly of course is me. =)

Next up, Terengganu, Cherating sea turtle.

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