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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 2 of cny.

Hmmm.. Today already the sixth day of cny and I'm still here writing the second day of cny. wtf. Totally forget that day's routine because is all boring and usual event every year. But anyway, still writing here, wish to share with my readers. =)

Jump Jump!! Back to topic, that day's outfit.

Top - Kitchen
Pant - Cotton On
Necklace - Minimao

*Opppss... I haven't blog about the minimao's necklace yet. :(

As usual, the second day everyone will go back their hometown and visit the old one. Fyi, both my grandparent has gone to heaven so we just go back pray pray. So yes, as usual, cny surely will have gambling among kids. But this year different, because all of them is playing....


One is mine and one is my cousin. All of them is playing fruit ninja, tap tap radiation, angry bird and whatever game inside. No more gambling. So sad.

Ok. The end of my hometown story. Back to Penang island. Visited my uncle at night and meet the big love. *my dream dog. wtf


She is so adorable. I wish I can pet one in future. =)

And some random one.

A rabbit look like pineapple cny cookies.

Till then.

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