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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The CNY eve. O.O

Finaly I'm back from the trip. Luckily we plan the trip start from kedah>kelantan>pahang>johor>port dickson>kuala lumpur>ipoh>penang. But not the other way round. If not, then we will stuck in the johor and segamat flood and it is dangerous. Although the whole trip was PHAIL due to the flood at Kota Tinggi and segamat, we miss the wonderful waterfall and the nice food in segamat. Sigh!!

By the way, I'm so sad now. Due to my improper time management *readying post. SEE!!

People, see the graph. OMFG!!! The view rate is dropping. Please O please come back. I want to earn more more money. I will keep updating in this few days because I got so many to update due to the late post and the family trip. Stay tune people. Please click this again tomorrow. Thanks readers.

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