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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Upperstar Lintas

Last few day I follow my parent having dinner at Upperstar near Lintas area. My mum suggested to have dinner there because she been there before and she said their food not bad. Special decoration inside is very retro. Saw the guitar hanging up there, all is real one.
Let picture talk.

There are a lot old pictures hanging on the wall too.

Proudly present, my dad. =)

My grill lamb chop. Nice!! Nom nom nom ~~

My mum bacon salad.

My dad's curry chicken rice.

The mushroom soup we share.

*I'm hungry again. wtf!

See!! My dad is nom nom-ing. =)

Lastly, me and mummy. Do we look alike? Yiwen say we look alike. Hmmm~

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