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Monday, January 3, 2011

Time Balm in love.

I bought a new concealer last week. Just I have no time to update here because it bang christmas and new year event. So sorry readers.

Today, I'm going to introduce this cool things here.


Readers, can u see the dark circle around my eye? These pictures is non-edited and totally original.


Readers, see the different? After apply it, my skin is like baby skin and so light feeling. U won't feel any heavy although applied for whole day. I tried apply this for like morning 10 until night 12. It won't form caking line and no burden even I can wear this to have a nap.

This is the real look. I suggest readers not to go for the sponge they provide, because it doesn't work well. Just go buy another better concealer brush then will do.

I have a quite fair skin, so I go for light colour. For your information, this concealer is selling in SASA. Just go there and have some try, there will have many different type of skin colour for reference. It only cost me around RM50 and I think this can last long so it's worth.

If you have dark circle problem or pimple scare problem, what are you still waiting for? Just go to SASA and have some try.

Done!! Have a nice day. =)

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