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Saturday, January 15, 2011

天天好天 Great Day

Last few days I watch the first show in Sabah with my parent. Let me introduce this nice movie to all my readers, highly recommended.

晴天 雨天 天天好天

Story starts with elderly who argue with each other. Because both of them are too proud and refused to defeat. Then one of them decided to find their son and prove for the other one to know that what he say all is true. And here he go, he secretly when to KL to find his son. Then here the story starts.

Both Uncle Lim

and Uncle Tam.
If u watched this movie, I would like to tell u, this screen touch me a lot. Can u imagine that 10 person's leg is tight together and try to run together. This need a lot of hard work, cooperate and understanding to each others. This just not a easy thing to do. Just appreciate the hard work behind this screens.

I rate this movie 4.5/5.
The left 0.5 is because I think the ending can be more better by showing the reunion of family of Uncle Lim. =) *just some suggestion.

Readers, trust me, this movie is real nice. Just go watch and support. I sure u will be inspired something after watching.

Done. =)
*All picture above is taken from Great Day's blog.

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