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Friday, February 4, 2011

Coffee Bean Outing. (late) O.O

After dyed my hair, we decided to chill at coffee bean and bii's cousin joined us because I'm craving for caffeine drink so much recently. *I don't know why. So, I ordered pure mocha ice blended and Yixin ordered hot white chocolate.

Cny is near, so everywhere is hanging red tang long. See~ Quite nice also lar, but not so creative indeed.

Bii is busying iphone-ing.

Me is busying twitter and weibo-ing. =)

So here is some random one. *love is added because my cracked lips. Opps!!

See, everyone is so busy. Random lar.

And these random fella are keep taking picture and claim that their eye so ugly because no make up. Lol.
And this greedy people order a blueberry muffin but no one can finish it. wtf. So end up me take away the lil muffin.

So here we go, go where? Home of course. Spotted, the two fella is so happy.

Till then.. =)

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