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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bold 3 & iMac is in ♥

So, Thaipusam is near so everywhere is jam-ing like hell. My bii and me is heading to buy my bold3. We saw a group of Indian is walking to nowhere, I think they is readying for the next day celebration. Then tadaa, there you go, my little bold3 in white.

One of my 2011 wishlist is checked. =)

Fyi, few months ago, Chatime has opened in Penang Queensbay Mall. So now u can see lots of Penang people can drink Chatime without especially go to KL and drink. *I don't think got such siao people lar, I did not mean to offend anyone. XP

So these fella is happily having their pearl tea and passion fruit smoothie.

I went to find something that can cure black head on nose but all sold out. End up I bought a eyebrow pencil to suit my new hair colour.

Then something pop into my bii's mind. He decided to buy iMac. -____-''

*he is spending money again~~ So there you go, the big but not so expensive iMac. *I'm comparing with his water cooling desktop, iMac is cheap already.

And of course, his sister sure happy, because can use iMac. wtf.

So everyone is with a bag on their hand and heading back home happily. Lol. What a stupid ending. Anyway, I'm done. Bubye!

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