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Monday, January 10, 2011

Adding signature in your blog.

Today I going teach readers how to put your own signature in the end of your post. Firstly, of course you need to create your own signature using photoshop or either any photo editable software. Here I'm using, because it is free and much more simply compare to adobe photoshop. *you can download for free by searching from google.

This is my signature. Simple and nice. =)

After you created your own signature, upload it to flickr or photobucket. This is because the URL is needed when later editing the html code.

After that, logged in your blog and click on the "Design" then click "edit html" then tick the "Expand Widget Templates".

Then click on the html code and type CTRL+F. There will be a search box coming out on the bottom of your window. Paste the code below into the search box.You will saw this >>>
Then right after this code, paste the code under into the box. *remember to replace the IMAGE URL into you own signature URL.
How to get your signature image URL?
For here, I'm using Flickr. Just click on your signature then it will pop out another new window, in that window, right click your signature and click on the "Copy Image Location".

The green highlighed code is the code I added into the box with my signature URL. *remember the code must added right after the code below.
Now you can preview it and if it's ok then save it. Now all done, enjoy. =)

If your blog is not in white background, then you have to set a transparent background for your signature's background. For this case, if you are using adobe photoshop, just tick the transparent option in your background setting will do.

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