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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I've dyed my hair last week. Ash brown everyone. I think I don't suit with brown colour, it makes me look like I'm sick when I don't apply make up. I think next time I should try some colour with red behind, that makes me looks healthier. But it will be after cny I think.

Just some random update here. I'm home yesterday night. I just don't understand why they keep on want to do things that annoyed me and make me feel damn shit. My mum, she purposely ask me do something that I've done one month ago AGAIN, the reason they ask me do again is because they loss the paper the record all the things, how come will loss that?

Story is like that, we are planning for a before-cny-trip that round through west malaysia. A month ago, my aunt starts to plan with me and book for the hotel. Before she book hotel, she surely will check for the distance between each viewpoint and record down so that she can estimate how long we should drive to the next checkpoint. But now, hotel she has booked all, but then she tell me that she loss the paper and ask me check all the viewpoint again. wtf. I'm sure she lied to me.

What for locking me at home and asking me do something that is actually done. Why both of them just like to think that wherever I go out is just for fun and play but not doing something serious. Wherever I looking at my laptop, I'm surely be watching show but now doing some informative things. You all make me hate this family and this home, u are the one who force me to have the thought to move out from this home, u also are the one who make me shout to u and rude to u.

I can't mention much here. This is surely a accumulate reason behind that makes me think and feel in this way. Anyway, I'm sure I will move out from this home one day in future. I really don't like this home anymore.

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