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Saturday, January 22, 2011


Sorry for the not-nice photo. *taken by iphone 4

I'm busy this few day. And here I am, finally I successfully squeeze some time out and update here. Having lot's of hang out this few day, going to update in the next post.

By the way, my bb is still dead. I called the digi centre, and they say the application is still under process. wtf. It takes like 3 to 4 days and still haven done yet. My bii's iphone only takes few hours to activate. I'm going to call the digi centre until they burst. I wonder why everything that done in Sabah will surely go slow. Just like my mum's astro beyond application, it takes likes 2 to 3 weeks to done. The most make me burst into flame is Sabah's astro centre only works on weekdays. Means, for the worker, they need to take leave to apply astro. wtf. Why are u so big until people need to take leave and apply your thing? I think there should be someone to stand out and shout to the government, ask them don't be so proud and change their policy.

Yesterday was so happening to me. Someone did something wrong and don't want to admit she is wrong and in the end she is the one who crying. wtf. I am the one who should cry first OK!!! But what to do, people cry already, and we shouldn't scold but to say SORRY!! So, ya, I said sorry and I swear won't let this happen again. *next time I will be the one who cry first. Lol..

Later going to watch Homecoming with bii's cousin. Till then. =)


Anonymous said...

good move, big girl already. :)

g3r11 said...

thanks ya... =)