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Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 wishlist

The top 8 of my list:

1. I want to have a Taiwan trip with my biii and family without tour guide. I still remember last time I went to Taiwan is with my mum. It was fun but sadly I'm following tour guide. The best thing to have a trip without tour guide is we can go wherever we want and plan everything ourself. I enjoy this a lot.

2. I want to own an blackberry and sell my iphone. I don't know why, my iphone recently start to hang and react slowly. I wonder is it die-ing or is a hint for me to change my phone. Maybe some people will think that "why are u always change gadgets? U are so rich!!" Hmmm~ I just think that maybe is time for me to change phone. Hah, whatever...

3. I want to do my internship at butterworth and penang. But I'm still thinking what if my bii having his internship in KL then I will have more choices in food factory. But if he is doing back in penang, then I will choose back butterworth or penang island. But fyi, penang island has not many big food factory. What if I'm doing internship in butterworth then I have to travel through penang bridge everyday. OMG~ Traffic jam everyday lorrrr... *OMGBBQWTF@@@...


or this?

4. I want to have a ash green colour hair. Next next week I'm going to dye my hair and maintain the same hair colour throughout 2011. Hope I get my ideal colour so that I won't get boring.

5. I want to earn more so that I can buy the things I want. I finding a way to improve here and twitter. Not saying I want to be popular or famous blogger, but just to earn some extra money so that I can buy whatever I want.

6. This wish I don't think can come true in 2011 but in future it may can come true. I wish to have a happy family and I want 1 baby girl and 1 baby boy. I know it is too early to wish this, but in future it may happens. My ideal marry age is 25 and 26 give birth a baby boy then maybe 28 give birth a baby girl so that brother will take care of his sister.

7. I want to gain weight but I wish my face to become smaller. Isn't very contrast? Of course readers know, after the terrible sick I loss 5kg and now I'm only 40kg. I'm under weight. After my hard work, I gain back 2kg and now improved to 42kg. But according to standard ratio, I'm still under weight. But for now, the thing I'm care is when I go back to 45kg, what if my face also will become rounder?

8. I wish to learn to drive manual car. So that I can drive freely when I'm back to hometown.

Maybe there will be adding few wish throughout the year. But until now, that's all I can think off.
I'm done. =)

Happy reading.

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