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Friday, January 14, 2011


The outfit of that day, I love this shirt because of the mickey on it although it is simple. =)
Top: online shop
Pant: Cotton On

The is a late post. Last week my lovely "sis" come and join us for dinner. The most important point is she is bringing her little baby valerie to meet us. =) She now is 6 months old and don't even know how to walk properly. Shoooo cute!!!

Her cute little shoes!! Just so small and cute. *smaller than my hand. LMAO!!

After playing whole night, valerie is tired and she fall asleep on our sofa. Look!! Shoooo cute!!!

But after looking her whole night and sh's cousin baby, I have some random thought in my mind. I kinda scare to have a kid and I cannot imagine how would I be when I was a mum. Because they are just so "troublesome", in another word is they want something and they cannot express in a proper way and in the end we don't understand what actually they want. So end up very troublesome. It was like they shouting in a restaurant and we can't make them quite. I totally can't imagine how I'm going to take care a baby in future. *I didn't mean to offence anyone who love kids. :)

Ok! I've talk and think way too far. Sorry off topic again. =) Back!

Three Ipad. If u are following my blog, twitter and facebook. Then u will know that my dad bought another two Ipad for his salesman. After the meeting with my dad, we decided to order from mac online. They offer engraving at the back of the Ipad too. So my dad engraved his company's name at the back of the Ipad. Now the other two is passed to his salesman. *hey u two, earn more money back then I can spend more. Hahaha!!! Just kidding. ;)

Do u realize in this post I use alot =) ;) :) LOL~
Anyway, I'm done.

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