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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Singapore part 1 - Universal Studio

Bare with me, this post gona be a long-pictures's post. Be sure you have 10 minutes for this. Hah~ Reach Johor in the early morning and head to Singapore straightly after our breakfast. The Singaporian Mr. Shuy *cc's bf is our tour guide and driver also. We all are so wondering that isn't he is the real Singaporian because he keep on lost the way and missing the right junction and relay to the GPS also. Lol~

So we arrived Vivo City after we keep circling for around 1 hour. Checked in Universal Studio and took a-must-take picture. Here you go the universal.

Actually quite worth to go Universal because the ticket only cost 66 sing dollar and they provide voucher 5 dollar for food, 5 dollar for souvenir and another is 15% off for buffer at the Sentosa Hotel, so actually the universal ticket only cost around 50 sing dollar. *not bad lar.

After one hour sitting in the car, we all get hungry and heading for lunch in Universal Studio. The burger is nice and the fries is super big. All the drinks and the burger are super big. *Don't ask me why, coz I also don't know why.

We sit beside the police car. Soooo cute isn't it...

The first performance we watch. These three girl can keep on singing non-stop for 5 to 6 songs and keep on dancing. I think Universal Studio train their performer really well.

Everyone starts busying looking at the map so that we can play all the nice game and save our limited time. Except for cc who busying camwhore with me and the Mr. Shuy.
Then the little-yellow-cab meets us and I say hi. Sooo cute lar.. Beh tahan liao...

Then we meet the court that we always saw in hollywood movie. It was so grand and huge. Woots..

The brother and the sister.

We meet the middle-beard man and according to my mum he is famous in old time who used to act mime movie.

Then we reached The Mummy section. This part is freaking me out because the actor is walking everywhere around there and keep on staring at you with an evil eye. OMG~ I hate this.

Group photo =)

Jump this part because I hate here although the game is awesome but still scary. Ok, back to the topic, here we go, we meet Mr. Shrek's house.
The nice castle. Awesome!!!

and his signature. Haha~

In Mr. Shrek's house we watch 4D movie. 4D movie is where u can smell, feel, the things is coming out and u even feels like u are in the movie. So when the donkey sneezed, we can feel the mucus is on our face, so disgusting. When ghost come out, there are wind blow under your chair through your leg. It's fun.

Then we reached the Madagasca section and we meet him.

We have so much fun with him. =)

The sister and me posting under the tree.

The real-fake Madagasca's tree.

But sadly to say that, in Madagasca section there still have some game haven open so we just have some walk around there.

Here is some random pictures.

The emo boy.

The pretties posting.

In the night.


We posting with the M&M. =)

The candies tree.

Then we head to Vivo City Food Republic for dinner. Sorry for no pictures.

The monorel we take is wholy pink colour. Sooo cute.

The Universal at night.

We stay at there until 9.30 for watching the firework. Then we off back Mr. Shuy's home, the pent house. It was the first time I staying in pent house in singapore. Can u imagine that. He is richie!!!

So ok, have alots of fun at there. Will continued with the bugis trip in part 2. Till then.

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