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Monday, December 13, 2010

I'm a norman.

Just some random photo. I finally realized that how thin I was in this picture, I mean in reality. Look at my hand, it was like just bone with zero meat, OMG. Why? Because last month I'm terribly sick and result as loss 5kg. I'm overdose with anti-vomit medicine, because I can't fall asleep so I thought taking anti-vomit will make me sleep, who knows I'm overdose. This cause my neck part muscle cramp and the neck was like fix in one position cannot move. In the end I admitted Sunway medical centre. The whole night, really thanks to cc and my bii for take caring me especially my bii because he is having final exam the next day. Thank you very much. =)

Yesterday night when I'm going to sleep, I don't dare to increase my air-con temperature. A sudden though that maybe when midnight I'm cold there is no one will hug me. Then end up I'm emo. I messaged biii and tell him the whole story, and he laugh at me and say I'm stupid.

It just simple not-used-to-it feeling flashing through my mind. Still remember last year I'm taking summer so means the whole year my bii is beside me accompanying me but this year I didn't take summer so means for the first time we going to separate for 1 month *I'm going back sabah.

I was like keep on thinking, when midnight when I'm cold no one will hug me. I used to put my leg under his butt so that it won't when cold but there is no butt for me to put. In midnight, I used to snatch blanket with him but now the blanket is too big for me. Hmmm~ Maybe I really think too much. XD

I think I should used to this situation because I will face this in future for like 100000x times, due to I'm a norman *I don't have a bed that belongs to me.

So ya, just some simple release here. Will update with singapore and biii's family party soon.

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