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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hada Labo!!!!

Dear readers, if u are following my blog u surely know that I've back to sabah. *means my banker is around me. Lol~ The terrible me forget to bring my skin food toner back here so I drag my mum to the nearest Guardian to search for nice toner. Then I saw this Hada Labo's toner, I've been reading a lot bloggers mentioning this toner so I decided to have a try. Pay by my banker so I can save some money. =)

First thing is of course wash your face. I'm using Garnier cleanser Light.
This picture I've copy from google. XD

Then I use the Hada Labo's toner

Just take around 10 sen size and apply on your face.

This is before

This is after

At first, when applying, the texture is a bit too sticky for me. I thought that, OMG~ this toner I'm not going to use it anymore. *because I hate something sticky on my face, like something burden for me, just like my previous Nivea toner. But after few minutes + continuous beating my face, the toner start to absorb into my face. When I touch my face, u can feel the water inside my skin.

Comparing to previous Nivea toner, I will like to give this toner 4 star out of 5 star. Don't believe me, just try it. U can find this in Watson and Guardian nearby. Hurry up!

Biii, don't think so much. I'm always here beside u. Love.

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