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Friday, December 31, 2010

End of 2010

Today is the last day of 2010. In this year, I did a lot things and experience a lot things too. All I'm happy with is my bii is always beside me accompanying me and care for me.

I also satisfy that in this year I meet someone is nice to me cc and yiwen. They are just so sweet and always care for me. We just can't stop gossiping together wherever we meet. I heart u all.

This year I had a great birthday celebration too. A group of my uni friend, they did great job, thanks a lot. =)

Just in short. I let picture talk, thats easier right. =) *I just list down some big event, there are of course some celebration birthday for friend like Hendrik, Cc, Jiajie, Xinhui, and Shilei. But I lazy to post up picture. Forgive me please.

In the early of march, we when to hot air balloon fiesta with cc, kuan and xingwei. We had so much fun there and we meet someone too. =)

In end of june, we had a melaka trip with cc, kuan, yiwen, koksoon, my bii and me. Thats the most fun trip I ever had. We tried celup, we went pasar malam, we eat nyonya food *thats terribly nice, I miss their cendul!! , we stay together and have fun at night.

In august, cc's bf come and visit us so we plan nice trip for him. We had fun in Ikea. *but we scolded by their worker because we keep on taking photos. XD

We went to I-city with velvin's group. It was a non-stop-photo-taking trip. Lol~ I bet YE have fun too. =)

We celebrate munyee's birthday at sunway giza. My bii had a terrible night because he is drunk. LMAO~ But honestly, we had fun too when watching Hendrik dancing. XD

Then me and cc when to meet Leehom at 1Utama. But sadly to say, he only sing one song then the show ends.

In September, the dearest Charles leaving to england to continue his study. We had a farewell party for him at TGIF sunway. We handmade a big card for him and he promise us, he will bring the card along to england. So sweet. =)

Saw the title? Charles Airline. XD

Then my birthday month October, my dad present me an Ipad. Surprise!!! XD

December, we plan again a trip and this time we decided to go Singapore, Universal Studio. From this picture, u all can know that we had so much fun there. *YE is looking hot chicks. XD

In the last day of 2010, I get another 2 Ipad so total is 3 Ipad. Hahahaha~ Ya indeed, I'm showing off here. But actually the another two is for my dad's office salesman. I just responsible in set up and arrange the photo for them. So don't ask me present u again, because it wasn't mine too. XD

So in the end, 2010 is going to end and 2011 is coming in another 12 hours. Hope everything of 2011 will be smooth and go well. No more sickness and unhappy things happen. For all my friend especially yiwen and cc *of course my bii, hope you all will have a memorable 2010 and wonderful 2011.

I'm done!!! Happy new year all readers. =)

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