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Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Here I am, since one month ago, in a peaceful night, my whitey laptop suddenly shut down itself and showing "dumpling physical memory..." on the screen and then its dead. Now I'm back in Penang, so I admitted it into the hospital. Doctor says further checking is needed which now what they think is motherboard's problem. After that, my mum suggested that she willing to buy me a new laptop and asked me to choose myself. So I go through toshiba then asus then acer then compaq then worst come to worst go to HP and Sony. *as I don't have good image toward HP and Sony vaio, I don't know why don't ask me.

So now conclusion is toshiba is still the best for me while asus I like their design too. But the toshiba I saw they didn't import into Malaysia while the asus one is now whole Malaysia no stock. What a rocky road I'm walking now. But for compaq and acer, their design is too old and whole-thing-so-square. HP and Sony vaio are trying their best in designing flowery and pattern on their laptop but thats sooo not me. Fed up with these. *These all are just my own opinion, sorry if I insult someone.

Then something comes to my mind, Mac!!! I like macbook so much and now I think macbook pro is nice too. But after I research, I found out that actually mac products is overpriced. Someone tell me that can't compare in this way as mac has its own good and I accept this. But my mum don't. She can't accept Mac's OS and why the apple is biten. *Just kidding. So my sponsor rejected my proposal and this project is stopped again. Once again, my uncle reminds me, Fujitsu!!!

So I research and research and I found one. It was like O gosh, finally I found one design is good and specs is nice and suit me while the price is ok for my sponsor. *actually abit overprice lar. But anyway, my mum say YES, and done. My holiday project done and now I not need to face the whole crap of specs whole day long just to choose a nice one.

Finally, I can relieve and start watch Glee and Gossip Girl. Haha~

I'm done updating. Enjoy reading.

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