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Monday, December 27, 2010


Still got 22 days, then I will be back to penang and meeting my bii. I want to watch movie, go shopping, meet our fluffy, spend some time with my biii.


My christmas eve is just a simple steamboat celebration with my family and my dad's friend. Although simple, but the steamboat is using porridge as based. So u can add fish ball, meat ball, crab, vegetables, oysters, and etc. In the end, the porridge will be very sweet because all the crabs and oysters essence are inside the porridge. No photo because I'm too hungry so forget to take picture.

After dinner, we went home and have some monopoly sections. Nowadays, monopoly game is so IN, because instead using paper money, they using credit card and a machine. Lol~


Another outbreak is happen in this morning, my mum didn't wake me up and she though she did. So when I wake up, my dad and mum already go out to work and left me alone in home. Then I called them, and who knows they scolded me that I'm lazy and always got a lot reason don't want to go work. =.='' *problem is u didn't wake me up!!!!


I'm done!
This morning my mood is ruined.
I need my biii now. ='(

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