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Sunday, November 28, 2010


Yesterday I tried to update here, but thanks to the steupid internet make me delay this post. Back to the topic, here I am. Will blog more, promised. This post is so random, because it going to conclude what I've done during the one-month exam period and after the exam period. Ok. Let's pictures talk.

I've tried Carl's Junior cheesy french fries.

Ok, just a random picture shows that I've been to Carl's Jr.

I've back to penang for only 2 week and I starts to miss sunway explode bubble tea. O~ please-god, rescue me from the bubble tea please. Hohoho~

I bought a Fred Perry bag which cost me around RM50 only. Hahaha~ I've using it for almost all my shopping trip now.

My biii, bought the new iphone 4 as his iphone die. Kinda impressed by the new iphone because the speed is same as F1's speed. * I'm comparing with my iphone 3G lar.

Please scold me from showing off my bii and mine stuff. Hahaha~

Tried facetime with iphone 4 and macbook pro. Hahaha~ It was kinda funny as both of us are in the same room but still want to facetime.

Ate japanese creep again as we miss this so much, especially the strawberry one.

Meet up with bii's cousin, handsome Jcbok at Uniqlo. Sorry for no face picture. Btw, kinda dissapointed with Uniqlo as there has not much cloth to shop because all are winter and autumn collection. *furry furry stuff I mean.

When to Pavillion to shop but nothing much to buy actually. But the Christmas decoration is nice. =)

When to KLCC's Kinokuniya buy some book for biii's mum.

I think that's all for this post.
kthxbye. =)

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