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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Standing strong

Before the big things coming
I wish to have a emo post.
Sorry guys.
Not a good day for me.
Something have borther me for whole day since morning till now.
It's still haven't complete
I have no idea why I'm always the one who get this and feel this
I think i deserve more than this.
Since secondary school,
I'm not the top student that eveyone envy
I'm just a normal and low profile people in school.
I don't have high intenligent level so I always stay at the back in the class
From form 1 to form 3,
I didn't done what a normal student should do
I didn't study well
I didn't exercise well
I didn't social well even didn't stay good at home.
I use to runaway from home and having fun outside
But something happen and make me growth
Starting from form 4,
I start to study well
perform well
social well and stay good at home
I try to catch up the one I miss
I appreciate all the things my parents give me
I want to show my maturity to my parent so that they won't worry so much
I start to care my parent and family
I start to take serious in studys and relationship
I can say I try my best in everything
In pre-U,
I work even harder
because I meet the loves of my life
He change me from childish and everything negative
He teach me to appreciate the love my parent gave me
he let me know that all I have to do is study hard and get into where my parent wish me to
meeting him is the turning point of my life
I work so hard in year 2008.
Although my result is still in the middle
but I know all this is the presents of my hardwork.
Everyone has their weekness.
my heart is hurt again
just because my low inteligent level
then I should be look down by others?
when I was needed then I will be valueable?
when I'm valueable then I'm your highness?
My parent always tell me that it is normal to see these in big city
They want me to learn from them and adapt to them
grow up and stand up
today I learn something
something deep and will always follow me
I always have an angel and a devil in my heart
they use to shout at each other
and for today
the angel win!!
when u saying me stupid, I get what u mean
when u saying me careless, I get what u mean
when u don't believe the thing I done, I surely will get what u mean
and u will get what u want in the future as do for me
I'm growing higher and standing strong
No worries.

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