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Monday, October 18, 2010


Quoted by my biii,
I always act weird when I bought new stuff.
I don't know isn't real or not, but wherever i buy new stuff, I will feel excited. *High
For example,
last few day after I bought my new nike sneaker
* will blog about this in next post.
Then I start to ask my biii say sorry to be without anything happen
He gone mad and scolding me wrong-wire-connected-mind.
Hmmm~ But I think this is fun

I bought a new casing for my iphone

nice right~

So as previous post stated,
my bii and I are dealing with final exam's stress

Me when hardcore-ing.
With spec, hair banded, jacket (because air-con-cold)

wherever he study and start to ignore me
I will start acting weird sound behind him.

When he still ignore me.
then I will start to playing his hair.

Or even....





I still love u~

Wherever he face problem in his don't-know-what-subject's calculation

He will show me this Mashimoro's face.
Similar??? XD

In the end,
I will force him to smile to me then I will back to study

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