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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Big One

Finally I squeeze some little time to update my blog.
Because there is sooo much things to do in this week
as I said, October has many people birthday, so I'm busy. XD
last few day
I lappy went down which my biii can't find out what reason cause that
my dad say just leave it and wait until i finish this sem only take back penang to repair
so that's it, my lappy down again, it's the second time already
But i managed to borrow a netbook from one of my friend
Thanks god.

My biii recently is always shouting "空虚"
I have no idea why he will feel that way as I have always concern about him already
Hah~ I think he feel that is because he can't find a suitable phone for him to change
Just few days ago,
my biii buy a headphone which cost him 500++
I won't agree him as in I won't stop him
just to avoid him to feel 空虚 again. XD

So this is the zoom in of my bii in ear headphone.
I wish to have Dr Dre but my biii don't wana buy one for me. *sad sad

I called my dad
asking for Ipad
I expect my dad will say no but not
he say yes
BIG yay yay yay~
two days later
I get what I want

An Ipad with 3g+wifi.
So good, I mean my parent. XD
I will be keep on
Thanks dad.

The happy me.

Gona start my last report of this sem then start study for final
It's late I know.
So bye~

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