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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sunway Empire

Last sunway biii, chee, yiwen and me went to Sunway Empire
I went to Material to find headset which i find before in Penang but don't have the colour i want
but unfortunately,
here totally no stock.
But in Tang's I found Nixon's headset
it cost me RM129 and I think it not worth for that
so i didn't buy.

Then we walk around and found out that actually the restaurant there all is selling high class food so we decide to have dinner in Pasta Zanmai which is the most cheapest restaurant we can find there. But since yiwen never eat Chilis before, so we decide to dinner at Chilis.

So sorry cause I didn't remember what is the food name.





Me and Chee is busy tweeting and weibo-ing.*Hehehe~

While Yiwen and Biii is busy watching MU VS liverpool.

A proper picture =)

Chee is having her favourate corn.
After finish dinner
we found out that there have a special game which allow people to sliding
It is 5 floor tall, whoops.
Wish to play next time.

See~ Very high ler.

Another view. So fun~

when that is open
hope it is free for sliding
then i can play for free
That's all for the day.

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