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Monday, September 27, 2010

Mooncake festival

22 September morning
I wake up late, like 11 something
get biii's msg saying that 12 will come back fetch me for lunch
so while I'm getting ready
I heard got someone opening my room's door
I was like "huh? Who is that?"
Then, tadaaa~
"Happy birthday to you..."

then I start to laugh *Hahahah~
OMG~ Biii and my friend all giving me a surprise for my lunar birthday
which is very easy to remember
"The Mooncake Festival"

So the early-wake-up-face of me making wish

Bii and me. *OMG~ Pale face. =____=

Of course include my fluffy accompanying me, love u.

Group photo except biiii. *Thanks babes. =)

After that Biii say he going to spend me eat lunch.
Decided to go Zanmai cause biii likes that alot.*He was like always craving for Zanmai

Baby octopus.
I guess someone must don't dare to try this cause it look gross
For me, I think is ok, but still will feel disgusting when chewing the head part.

After that we heading to Kindori which is our recent favourate ice cream
they using the milk ice cream as the base and adding the fruit that u chose
crunch them together
So when u eat, sometimes u can feel the seed or the fruit part
So nice!!

Me finding the most sour part of lemon and want to feed yiwen
and let's see

Hahahahahah~ Laugh off my ass!!!

Passion fruit, carrot and lemon.

Happy face =)

I like this picture just because I'm thin in here.
Random though
Skip it as u like.

Anyway, thanks babes and biii
I'm happy and appreciate that

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