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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Charles farewell

I know this is a very very late post.
He now is already at UK having a happy life indeed.
So after viewing back my previous post
i found back my blogging mood.
At the same time i updated my digi broadband so i can enjoying the faster uploading speed.

So lets start.
The idea from velvin to producing a farewell card in just 1 hour
We are speedo~

start cutting the card into out ideal size
we do this in popular which is my every first time sitting there and DIY thing.

So we start drawing whatever nice on it
velvin and cc start to writing their words on it
for me, I try my best in drawing something which I have not been doing for almost 2 to 3 years

cc editing the card front page because her word is much more nicer than me

So, tadaa~ Charles airticket
Bon Voyage boy~

Bii went to meet up with his grandparent and uncles
so i having dinner with them at TGI friday
camwhore is a must for outing
See~ picture as evidence.

So end, me with the card
and he promise to bring the card to UK
so sweet~

Hope u have a happy life there.
We miss u. =)

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