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Thursday, August 26, 2010


Two week due three assignment, three report.
I'm still alive.
Finished all and left one assignment to go.

Uni has start two months more,
many things happen and many things change.
All I can say is I'm still the same,
whoever bullshit with me
then I will bullshit back with him/her.

It's a long story.
this happens not just in one day, it accumulates.
everyone have their limit, me either.
Something just bother me long time ago,
and I've settle it down.
But the story now has turn direction and point back to me.
I'm the evil one.
FML~ U overestimate me, as I'm just a little girl.

I'm sure there are many politics story behind our relationship.
U boycott me, I boycott u.
sometimes this show how stupid and immature we are
Hah~ Whatever, as long as I know which one is true friend, enough.

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