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Monday, April 19, 2010

Recently update.

Feeling like writing something, due to the long time no update about my life.
Recently, my life is just full of reports, assignments and mid-term quizzes.
Seem like I will be free from this wednesday,
but still,
tons of reports, worksheets and quizzes are waiting for me.


Nothing changes happen around me.
The only change is
i think i become more and more nerd
more and more kiasu
more and more hardworking
more and more pek cek from edition
*here i wana say sorry to Vivian, because last week i said something rude to u
sorry sorry, paiseh.
hope result will more and more good too.

In conclusion,
uni life becomes more tough for me in my second year
more people i saw and understand their personality

Life is just so hard for freshy.

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