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Monday, March 1, 2010

Mount Kinabalu + Sunrise

Early morning 5.30 am fly to taiwan for vacation.
Saw Mount Kinabalu just few hundred metres away from me.
I haven't climbing Mount Kinabalu although I'm Sabahan.
Just so excited to see my dear mount kinabalu with such distance.
Best flight ever~

Mount Kinabalu is sleeping on the cloud bed.

The wing of my plane. Can u see the tiny light?
It is the street light on Kota Kinabalu street.

Mount Kinabalu. It is soooo near. =)

Much more nearer.

Again, unexpected sunrise just in front of my sleepy eye. *Screaming~

The little eye yolk. Want bigger?


Best ever sunrise. =)

Due to the window of the plane, makes the sunlight split in wrong, bad way.
But it is still another new experience for me.
*Wide smile.