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Friday, February 5, 2010


Today is Shuhong last day working and he will be free forever. So we decided to go Midvalley for some walk.

Before heading to Midvalley, we saw sunset just outside our house. Kinda happy because the last time I saw sunset is at Sabah together with my parent after a long walk at the beach to another island. Believe me, the picture is taken by iphone 3G, a full egg yolk. =)

After that we went to Midvalley because I'm searching for foundation and in the end i bought Relvon foundation, I'm kinda satisfied with that.

Went to Watson looking for cosmetic, saw a promotion buying after RM50 then can purchase mickey, minnie, stich and pooh keychain for only RM2.90 each. Thinking to buy a Mickey for him and a Minnie for me but sadly all sold out left Minnie. Nevermind, I buy Minnie also.

Teeeheee~ My keychain. =)

Us~ The sweet one. =)

Will not update for few days, because my final is coming soon. Paiseh lar...


ingRiid siliceO said...

i lOve ur keychain! XD
i love ur styLe!

g3r11 said...

Thanks for viewing..=)