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Monday, February 22, 2010

Late Chinese New Year

Last week went to Kek Lok Si with my parents. Every year here will be the MUST to visit plus this year they add "the Goddess of Mercy Pavilion". A new spot of MUST VISIT in penang.

Actually the purpose and motivation of this post is just because my parents just went back yesterday night and I'm free from my relatives who always noisy outside playing majong. So here I am writing LATE chinese new year article. Second is I'm so proud of myself because I get all these awesome picture not by DSLR but is Iphone. =) Just to show off... *slap slap..

So typically, traffic jam on the way to the temple, HOT whether during chinese new year and just like last year i meet secondary friend during the visit. Chit chat a lot and asking recent planning to the future. So, lets picture talks.

Beautiful scene.

Tang Long all over the temple.

And my awesome skill too~

There is also the lighting candles for the wisher to make a wish and another way of donating money.

So I made mine too. Saw my name? All my wish is writen on the bottle but the one and only i keep it to myself. =)

So here you are, the Goddess of Mercy Pavilion.
Perfect skill right.. =)

The last one, accidentally captured the evening sunlight during the first day of CNY. And after edit, it become another awesome picture again. =)

Coming up post
the experiencing of praying 天宫 at shuhong there.


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