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Sunday, February 28, 2010


So as planned, I overnight at shuhong's place just to see how hokkien pray for 天宫. Kinda surprise me it is must more new year feeling compare to our typical first day of CNY. So before asking permission to stay at shuhong house, there was a small accident happens, and it is kind of stupid. =) Nevermind, forget about that stupid me.

All the members of the family will gather together and kids will start to play fire crackers. The small village starts become noisy around 11 something. Praying start when 12 midnight reach and firework is all over the sky. So beautiful~

People start burning their gold paper in the centre on the village.

Pray in the temple is the must.

Set up all things in front of the table for praying.

Dogs are barking because of the fireworks.

The last handsome guy sit on the high chair LAN YENG.

Due to the low battery of camera, sigh, bad quality of picture.

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