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Friday, January 29, 2010

Single isn't bad at all.

This is soooo random.
One of my dear, she is now officially SINGLE.
As a friend, i should concern her and ask her not to be sad.
But for this case, it is different and we all highly agree she joined SINGLE's group.

I just mention what i saw in the last few sem.
All we can saw is she is so sad and not happy after all because the same story keep on repeat and repeat. Sound odd.
Yes, i admit he actually bring some happiness for her.
But mostly conclusion is he is not mature enough to handle long distance relationship.
And this cause her to cry every single month.
Even during our final exam, the same odd story happens again.

Hell ya~ If you are that guys,when u saw this, u can angry or just click the X at the right corner. Doesn't matter for me. I just say what i saw, eventhough we are friend though.

So, i hope this will be the ending of the story.
Maybe there is two series can happen in the future.
One is end up break up and everything gone. Boy don't contact girl and maybe is a street-meet-"Hi.. =)" friend.
Two is when the boy comes mature enough and he think he is ready for another starts. Then as best friend beside of course will feel happy for both of them.
Not to say i curse the little couple to break up, as i said there maybe two option or maybe MORE.

I can say is both hands and legs all wave up high and greet her happily

Although i'm attached
but sometimes single make me jealous


g3r11 said...

Thanks.. =)

Adnan Morshed said...

you think like this coz u r attached with someone.......but its not so good to be alone...believe could understand this if u live alone for lots of valentiene's day....

g3r11 said...

it must be depends on the partner.
if the partner is bad then i rather be single.