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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Summary for 2009.

Recently kind of busy and lazy too, so late only upload my summary of 2009. So, here you are.

  1. Change from collegian to a universitian
  2. Everyday, same odd thing, report, assignment, presentation and lab work.
  3. Meet a brunch of johor friend.
  4. Tan Cheah Chee, she is the one who talk to me first.
  5. Slacking watching youtube every monday.
  6. Move three times house from sunway apartment to condo and now into lagoon view.
  7. Always angry with apartment guard cause they don't let shuhong drive in.
  8. Call for mcd delivery myself for the first time.
  9. Cockroach appears in my condo room and i decided to move again.
  10. Heard that prices will getting higher in the next year for condo room.
  11. Moved into lagoon view now.
  12. Always dream for snowflakes, 100 yen's snow ice and mcd ice-cream.
  13. The best partner for supper will be cctan.
  14. Using our own common sense drive to pavillion, Semenyih.
  15. Meet Alex and Zhihan then only realises that Alex and cctan's convo is so funny.
  16. Realise Semenyih is damn ulu and we are so lucky to stay in sunway.
  17. Plan to save money so we cook ourself for lunch.
  18. Engineering team always do their project down there.
  19. Science team always slacking up there.
  20. cctan and me always is the one who shout for supper ice-cream.
  21. After eating, Yiwen and cc sure will stand for one hour to keep their stomach fit.
  22. Shuhong always will for tones of things and related together to suan cctan.
  23. 一滴油跟一片油海,有什么分别。
  24. Shilei owed two maid, Kak tong and Kak hong.
  25. We ppstream for resident evil when cc and lei is not home.
  26. Engtong make yiwen cry and Koksoon say "有空要跟你商量商量." XD
  27. Engineering buliding bridge and rolling the newspaper like mad.
  28. We shop in damansara from 2pm to 9pm.
  29. Favourate dinner place is 天天来
  30. Because of apple, Kuan and me and shuhong become best friend.
  31. 啊~坐过去一点叻。
  32. cc always dream other's bf is her bf.
  33. Me and cc always exchange report to rephrase.
  34. Watch new year fire work of sunway in front of my room's window.
  35. Owed a car.
  36. Shuhong first job in Padini.
  37. Kuan's 家进贼 and we rush to his house midnight 1am.
  38. When to taipai eat korean bbq, double thumbs up.
  39. Watched Dance Flick which is so dissapointed.
  40. Surprise celebration my birthday at full house which make me cry.
  41. Always rush to buy bread at RT pastry.
  42. Enjoy sleep at the afternoon together with lei and cc.
  43. A lot nickname appear for example 缘分男。
  44. This is the 100th post of my blog.
Awesome year for me indeed.
Loves always.

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