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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Start to think..

I'm thinking to update my blog since few days ago. But there is still nothing coming to my mind and i can't decided what should i write. Life is still boring and moodless in here. Everyday seem like the same, wake up eat lunch, and (yes... I wake up at 11 a.m.) chem report. After a few days, chem report complete, then continued with account assignment, until now haven done yet.

Just thinking why others holiday can be so excited and full of memory but mine seem like everyday copy and pasted. Hmmm~ My friend's sister wedding is coming. Waiting the day to come, then i at least can have some fun in this boring holiday. But at least there is something make me excited, the wedding day is just the day my birthday. Wow~

Nothing much about current life. Now, I'm slacking and doing nothing because i have no mood to study.

Sometimes i just wondering, can i write what everywhere i like in MY blog.

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